7.5 Top Tips to Survive Your Un Wedding Day

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic crisis millions of couples worldwide have had to put their wedding day on hold. Now, in the grand scheme of things when loved ones are lost, and people’s lives changing
beyond belief, it seems a trivial matter. However, we understand how delaying your special day after months (and sometimes years) of planning can be devastating. When your planned wedding date arrives, it’s going to be a tough day to get through so here are a few tips that might help…


1) Take the Day Off - If you are not still furloughed from work, make sure you both take the day off as holiday. If you don’t live together all the points below can be done virtually using the wonders of modern technology!

2) Write a love letter – Put pen to paper and tell your loved one why they are the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Post it to make sure it arrives on what would have been your wedding day.

3) Propose Again – Reignite that moment of sheer excitement when you said ‘Yes’.

4) Revisit Your Wedding Plans – Now that you have more time before your big day, take a while to go through your wedding plans to see if there are any changes you’d like to make. It may be that with a few more months to save, you can consider adding a few extras that you would really like but couldn’t afford in the original budget.

5) Go Out (or stay in) on a Date - Get dressed up for a romantic candle lit dinner, whether it’s at home or in your favourite restaurant.


6) Drop a Line to Those Close to You – The chances are your Best Man/Woman, Bridesmaids, family and friends are also feeling quite deflated when the intended wedding day arrives, so remind then just how much you are looking forward to celebrating with them.

7) Be Thankful – When we emerge on the other side of this worldwide crisis, your wedding day will be celebrated in a way that you had never imagined with family and friends appreciating more than ever the freedom of being together again!

And finally, tip 7.5… Feel happy that by sacrificing your wedding day and staying at home, lives will be saved. And what a great story to tell your children and grandchildren!

Sunday Roast Dinner

The Food of Love...


Food plays a big part of your special day and that’s exactly why you want to avoid a wedding venue that dictates a set menu which they refuse to change.

Our catering team lead by our fabulous Head Chef, delights in helping our wedding couples put together a bespoke menu created just for them.

Not only does our comprehensive selection of menu choices range from some carefully put together set meals, but you can also choose from the Mix n Match options. And, if you still can’t find your favourite dish, (with the exception of beans on toast!), we will do our very best to include it for you.

Some of our previous wedding couples have asked us to tailor their wedding breakfast on a certain theme. One of our favourites was ‘Beside the Sea’ offering mouth-watering Fish n Chips and Succulent Meat Pie with Creamy Mash – Classic British favourites! The BBQ Wedding Breakfast is also a winner during the Summer months. Alternatively, bring an International flavour to the table – the choice is all yours!!!

‘Green Cuisine’ is also our thing - We also have a superb variety of super tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes which have also been highly commended by some of our meat eating guests!

Let’s not underestimate the popular finger buffet – We offer some palate pleasing buffet ensembles which you can choose for either your daytime or evening Wedding Reception. The homemade sausage rolls served fresh from the oven are the hands down favourites… Taste just one and you’ll be hooked!

Rest assured, all our dishes are created from scratch in our own 5 Star Hygiene awarded kitchen, using high quality ingredients from locally sourced supplies. Guests with specific food intolerances are also in good hands with our capable team, as no request is too much trouble!

Combat the Coronavirus Chaos - Get Planning that Wedding...

Okay, so with everything that’s been going on recently, planning a wedding might suddenly seem a bit insignificant. But you couldn’t be more wrong – Forward thinking, positivity and something wonderful to aim for is exactly what you need right now! And with most of us having extra time on our hands, it’s the perfect opportunity to get stuck into some serious research…

So, the first thing you would probably do after deciding on a date is look at where you want to hold you big day. Now, as viewing prospective venues is out of the question right now, you can still look into investigating on-line to get a short list in place.

Start with the obvious by Googling wedding venues in the area of your choice and then spend some time investigating the venue’s website and social media pages. You are sure to find loads of photos, read what type of feedback past customers have given, and most of them will have a downloadable brochure with package details and prices. Take into consideration how many guests you want to invite and how easy it will be for guests to travel to the venue. If you want photos outside, check what space is available and also if they have an alternative location inside in the case of bad weather. Choose your favourite venue options, taking your budget into consideration, and print out any info if you can.

Have some fun and create a mood board…Search for ideas of different styles of weddings, put together your favourite colour palettes, floral options, cakes, table decorations and anything else you can find. Then for wedding dress or suit designs that catch your eye…

By this stage, we hope you will be starting to feel more positive and motivated about one of the best days of your life. It might seem distant, but the doom and gloom of the current crisis will lift and when it does, you will be prepped and ready to go!

Finding Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Planning your wedding day is a bit like putting a jigsaw puzzle together and it can be quite tricky finding all the right elements that fit together.

One of the most important factors is finding the right venue for your big day and although you may fall in love with a venue as soon as you walk in to view it, it's really vital that you don't don't make a snap decision before checking out a few facts first.

Here's our guide on questions to ask before you make the final decision...


It's easy to get carried away when planning a wedding, so you need to have a fixed price in your minds of how much you are willing to pay and stick as closely to this figure as you can. Getting heavily into debt is not a good start to any marriage.

What's Included?

Some venues will seem remarkably reasonable in price, but be very warey of hidden extras...It's quite common for venues to add on additional costs for staff, catering for staff, crockery, cutlery, glassware and table covers etc. If you are providing your own entertainers, band or disco check that there is not a standard charge for allowing you to do so.

Wedding Suppliers

If you want to bring in your own wedding service providers or supply some of your own decorations, flowers, music, photographs and cake for example, make sure you check that the venue allow this. There are some which stipulate that you must use their services only, which restricts your choice and can be very costly.

Flexible Catering

Look into the different options of menus on offer and decide if they are right for you. Some venues will not change any elements of the menu options to suit you so it's worth finding one that is flexible and, if necessary, will build a menu just for you!

Live Music

If you're planning on getting a live band in, check the the venue allows this, has a license for it, and check if there are any time and volume restrictions

Wedding Coordinator

You want to deal with the same person consistantly from start to finish so they get to know you and what you expect from your wedding day. Your wedding coordinator should not only meet with you regularly throughout the planning of your wedding but be there on the day to make sure everything runs smoothly and to plan.

Is the set up time included?

Ideally you want to have access the the venue from early morning on the day of your wedding for decoration, delivery of flowers cake and set up of and extras like sweetie carts and photo booths. Check with the venue to see if this is including in the hire charge

Price of Drinks

The last thing you want is to be embarrased at the price your weding guests are being charged for their drinks. Ask to see the bar price list. And, if you don't have drinks included in your wedding package, ask for prices of table wine and Champagne / Prosecco as you don't want any nasty surprises on the day!


You will probably have family and friends travelling from away so make sure the venue is in the best location to suit most. If the venue does not have rooms for overnight stay, ask them for recommendations of hotels nearby. They may even have an agreement with a hotel to give you a discounted rate.

Car parking

The last thing you want your guests to do is struggle to find a parking place near your venue. Ideally choose one with it's own car park which also allows guests to leave their vehicles overnight if they choose to taxi home.


This one speaks for itself, but it's worth checking various configuration on seating available according to whether you are looking at having a formal sit down wedding breakfast or a more informal BBQ or buffet. If you are planning to have an evening disco/band with dancing make sure that there is an allowance made for this space or that the staff can reset the room after the meal to suit your requirements

Your Theme

And lastly, take a good look at the type of venue and it's decor - does it lend itself to the style and colour scheme of wedding you would like?

Good luck with the search for your perfect venue! Take a look at the Weddings page of our website - You might have just found it!

Wedding Traditions, Myths and Facts Uncovered

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…

It has long been thought that Brides who wear or carry these items on their wedding day will be blessed with good luck.

Whether or not you're interested in sticking with conventions or throwing them out of the window, we have unearthed a few other wedding day myths and traditions from around the globe along with a few interesting facts too…

Did You Know

  1. The English believe a spider found in a wedding dress means good luck - Yikes!


  1. Did you know that the groom traditionally carries the bride across the threshold to protect her from evil spirits lurking below?


  1. Rain on your wedding day is considered good luck, according to Hindu tradition.


  1. Engagement and wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it was once thought that a vein in that finger led directly to the heart.


  1. Queen Victoria started the Western world's white wedding dress trend on her wedding day in 1840—before then, brides simply wore their best dress.


  1. Victoria also established the tradition of playing Wagner's "Bridal Chorus" during her wedding processional in 1858.


  1. In Japan, white was always the colour of choice for bridal gowns long before Queen Victoria popularized it in the Western world.


  1. Brides carry or wear "something old" on their wedding day to symbolize continuity with the past.


  1. The "something blue" in a bridal ensemble symbolizes purity, fidelity and love.


  1. The tradition of a wedding cake comes from ancient Rome, where revellers broke a loaf of bread over a bride's head for fertility's sake.


  1. The custom of tiered cakes emerged from a game where the bride and groom attempted to kiss over an ever-higher cake without knocking it over.


  1. And finally, the most expensive wedding ever was the marriage of Sheik Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum's son to Princess Salama in Dubai in May 1981. The price tag? A mere $44 million!!!

A couple Celebrating Their Marriage

What is a Civil Partnership?

This is one of the most common questions that gets asked, and there is some confusion as to how a civil partnership differs from a marriage...

In a nut shell, a marriage takes the form of either a religious ceremony or a civil ceremony (non-religious), which can take place between  heterosexual or same sex couples.

A civil partnership can only take place between same sex couples and does not require a ceremony. Nor do the couple need to exchange binding words or vows. Civil Partnership was introduced in 2004, 9 years before same sex marriage became legal. A civil partnership can now be converted into a marriage.

As the name suggests, this partnership is purely civil and involves the signing of a legal document. It is a way that couples can show their commitment to one another without getting married. The two people will then have rights which are, more or less, the same as those choosing a marriage although splitting up can prove to be a little messier...

A married couple can separate informally without the need of intervention by a court however, if you have entered into a civil partnership, there is the need for officials to dissolve the partnership and this cannot be done less than one year from the date that the agreement took place.

When travelling around the world, marriage is globally recognised as being legally binding. Despite civil partnerships being legal in many countries, there are others where it isn't which can sometimes cause issues.

Can heterosexual couples enter into a civil partnership? - The answer is no.

It has been argued that a heterosexual couple may not want to enter into the patriarchal institute of marriage and feel that the 2004 civil partnership act is not compatible with equality laws!

Here at the Royal Assembly Rooms in Great Yarmouth, we warmly welcome hosting civil marriage ceremonies for both same sex and heterosexual couples, offering a selection of set wedding packages as well as bespoke 'Mix & Match' options to suit your style and pocket.

Head over to our weddings page to download our brochure or complete the online contact form to request information and to arrange a viewing of our beautiful venue.

Give Style to Your Wedding in Great Yarmouth!

No matter how beautiful your wedding venue is, whether it’s a grand stately home, a rustic barn or a unique grade II listed building like the Royal Assembly Rooms in Great Yarmouth, it makes it more personal to add a few decorations and finishing touches to suit your taste and personality.

Katrina and Colin of Celebration Station in Gorleston are considered the local experts in the field of theming for weddings, christenings, private parties, anniversaries and pretty much every occasion imaginable!

During the years in running their business they have helped to create the perfect setting for 100’s of events!  Whether it's a formal and classy black-tie event or something bright and colourful Katrina and Colin will make sure your event is unique to you even incorporating themes into your wedding day whether it's a subtle nod to your favourite film or a full blown vintage circus they will make your ideas come alive!

Photo of a Wedding Ceremony at the Royal Assembly Rooms, Great Yarmouth (Courtesy of Denise Brady Photography)

Photo Courtesy of Denise Brady Photography.

Celebration Station’s new warehouse is an Aladdin’s Cave of treasures from chair covers and sashes of every colour shade, to amazing table decorations, giant light up letters, rustic step ladders, balloons galore, sweetie carts and even majestic thrones to make you feel like royalty!

In fact, if you’re struggling for ideas then this is the place to head to for inspiration. And, you can be sure of some sound advice from Katrina and Colin to steer you in the right direction!

The great thing is that once you’ve finally decided on your decor, you can just leave it in the safe and experienced hands of their team so that you can concentrate on one of the other dozens of jobs that needs to be done before your wedding day!

Photo of a Wedding Table at the Royal Assembly Rooms, Great Yarmouth


Boutique Hotel by the Sea

Whether you are looking to accommodate your wedding guests for the weekend or fancy treating yourselves to a hotel stay after a party night at the Royal Assembly Rooms, Andover House Hotel is the perfect choice!

An exterior photo of Andover House

We are delighted to be working with Victoria and Phil, the owners of Andover House who snatched up the opportunity to renovate a run-down hotel in a beautiful part of Great Yarmouth, just a stone’s throw from the beach and Royal Assembly Rooms.

Dating back to the 1800’s, it was a striking building and the couple had the chance to put their skills to the test. Phil had a natural talent for property renovation and Victoria loved interior design so they swiftly closed the doors for 9 months and set to work. Their main priority was to retain the original features and create our own mix of contemporary style.

Since opening the doors 8 years ago, Victoria and Phil have extended the hotel by renovating the property next door in 2016 – and are now the proud owners of 27 en-suite hotel bedrooms, an outdoor garden terrace and a popular bar and restaurant named, The Copper Kitchen – serving food with the emphasis on home classics at affordable prices served by an experienced and friendly team.

Andover House is for the over 13’s, with free wi-fi, an absolutely brilliant team who are energetic and listen to our guests needs. Rooms start from £69 including a tasty cooked breakfast.

Interior Bedroom Photo of Andover House

Customers of the Royal Assembly Rooms are eligible to receive a discount on room rates by quoting unique promo code: ‘ASSEMBLY’ when making a reservation.

Open throughout the year, excluding Christmas Day & Boxing Day.

Serving food Mon-Sat | 6pm-9:30pm

27-30 Camperdown, Great Yarmouth, NR30 3JB

01493 843490 | bookings@andoverhouse.co.uk

Say ‘I do’ Again!


Say ‘I do’ Again!

The memories from your wedding day will stay with you for your lifetime, but wouldn’t it be lovely to recreate it?

A milestone wedding anniversary is a perfect excuse to renew your marriage vows, be it on a small scale with immediate friends and family, or going all out and having a big celebration.

At the Royal Assembly Rooms in Great Yarmouth, we have come up with a ‘Marriage Vows Renewal’ package to reinforce the love you have for your partner and to celebrate the years spent together...

Once you have contacted Norfolk Registrars to book the renewal of your marriage and checked that our beautiful Temple Room is available for your date, we’ll getting planning with you.

Whether you choose to have the full works – Bridal gown, bridesmaids, flowers or a simple low key affair we can help you to create the perfect occasion.

After you and your loved one have said ‘I do’ once again, join your guests for a celebratory glass of Prosecco and tasty canapes.

Add on a buffet or formal sit down wedding breakfast and evening entertainment or disco for the ultimate commemoration of your marriage!

Our ‘Marry Again’ Package

- Exclusive use of our Ceremony Room, complete with ivory silk pedestal flower arrangements, table decoration and floral adornments on chairs.

- Seating for up to 100 guests

- Red Carpet Entrance for bridal party

- Sound system for supplied music

- 1 x glass of Prosecco or non-alcoholic drink per guest

- 3 x selected canapes per guest


20 - 30 guests - £22.50 per person

31 – 40 guests - £17.50 per person

41 – 50 guests - £15.00 per person

51 – 60 guests - £13.50 per person

61 -  70 guests - £12.50 per person

71 – 80 guests - £11.75 per person

80 – 100 guests - £11.00 per person

Reduced prices for children (soft drink only)

Ask us for full catering menus and prices



Schools Out! Plan Your High School Prom in Great Yarmouth

Photo of party prom girls

It’s quite a task to organise a big event like a High School Prom so here are a few pointers to help…


  1. Form a Prom Night Committee

Get together a small team of people to help plan your prom night. A group of about 6 -10 reliable and enthusiastic individuals works best. You’ll need to appoint a leader of the committee who can oversee the planning process and delegate roles to the rest of the prom committee so that all your great ideas can be put into action!

Have your treasurer work with the team to create a budget for the school to approve. Really think through the details and leave a little wiggle room for those unforeseen expenses that always seem to pop up at the last minute!


  1. Choose Your Date and Venue

One of the first decisions your committee should make is choosing a date for your event. Check your calendars and try to find a day that doesn’t conflict with other school events and examinations and also works for the majority of your guests.

Once you’ve set the date, it’s time to secure a venue. Look for a venue that is large enough to accommodate the size of your guest list. Next, check to see which ones are in your price range and are free to be booked on the day of your event. Remember to find somewhere with a dance floor and space to have extras such as a photo booth. Make sure the venue is happy for you to come in to decorate with your chosen theme too.


  1. What’s the Theme?

Here’s where the fun really begins!

You need to come with a theme for your Prom Night so that you can build the plans for your event around it. You may opt for the more traditional black tie theme or festive like Carnival Night, Masquerade Ball, or Hollywood Glamour the options are endless! It’s a difficult task trying to please everyone, so you might decide to get your fellow students to vote between 2 -4 various themes and find out which one gets people most excited!


  1. Entertainment to get the Party Started

Proms are all about the dancing, so prepare to use a large chunk of your budget on booking a great band or DJ and tell them what type of music you want played.

It’s also great to have an unexpected surprise up your sleeves – something that ties in with your theme perhaps!



  1. Capture the Moment!

Consider hiring a photographer to capture the memories everyone will be making at the fantastic event you’ve put together. Another fun addition to take your prom to the next level is having a photo booth! As this can be quite a hefty added expense, get the art department to create a large fake picture frame, buy some cheap props, accessories and wigs and make a DIY photo station.


  1. Food and Drink

Buffets are the perfect choice for a Prom Night, as there is bound to be something there for all tastes (even the very fussy among us). Or, you may want to consider a BBQ as most Proms are in July.

Dancing is thirsty work so you should make sure the bar is well stocked with drinks to quench your thirst – Speak to them in advance if you’d like them to order in something special or prepare some non-alcoholic cocktails. If there’s enough budget an arrival drink is a lovely touch, such as non-alcoholic Prosecco.


  1. Get the Word Out!

This is going to be the best prom your school has ever seen, so let the tickets and invitations show it! Coordinate them with your theme and make sure they have all of the important info like time and location. The more excitement the better!